Taylor Roades

Travel, Outdoor Lifestyle & Conservation. 

A Protest AGAINST Forgetting

Taylor Roades is a full time photographer based between Victoria and Vancouver British Columbia; originally from Toronto, ON. Photography has taken her across Asia, and South America. She's lugged too much gear through the Canadian Rockie mountains to the Scottish highlands, Patagonia, The Sub Arctic and fired the shutter thousands and thousands of times – She's had a very well documented couple of years.

Travel is what first sparked her interest in photography but telling stories of conservation, people, adventure, and culture is what keeps her interested. 

She works on a variety of editorial, commercial and reportage style assignments with companies and organizations that share her vision for sustainability and an appreciation for storytelling.


Client List: Lufthansa Air, Megaphone Magazine, Athleta, Students on Ice Fountain, Destination BC, Dirt Road Travels, Canada C3, Gestalten Publishing, Mastin Labs, Canadian Wilderness Adventures, Grey Goose

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