Stephanie Mullins

Commercial Food photographer

"There is no love Sincerer than the love of food"

-George Bernard shaw


These words epitomize the bond between Stephanie's love of food and her passion for creating enticing photographs. Many years ago her journey into photography started with nature, its surroundings and a curiosity to capture it. But somewhere between earning a photography degree at Middle Tennessee State University and interning with Southern Living magazine, Stephanie discovered a tastier kind of still life. Food. 

Since then Stephanie's established herself as THE commercial food photographer south of the Mason Dixon and has taken southern hospitality nationwide creating beautiful photographs for food brands and editorial clients alike. 


Client List: Cracker Barrel, Logan's Roadhouse, Margaritaville, Hunt Brothers Pizza, Bonne Bouche Chocolates, Boconi, Christie Cookie, Custom Food, The Local Palate, Nashville Lifestyles, Tennessee Craft Beer Magazine, MAPCO, Old Hickory Smokehouse

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