Build a list

When putting together a list of prospective clients, it’s about the quality and relevancy of the prospect not the quantity of names on the page. But with the thousands of agencies, brands and publications in the world, how do you know which ones are right for you? We will build you a targeted list of 150-250 prospective clients that align your needs and professional goals with demands in the marketplace. Whether you’re sending a promo, emailer or looking to establish a solid personal database; maximize your success with a customized list of contacts that fit your business. 

5-7 hours at $90/hr


Once you know who's on your list, it's time to contact them. You can (and should!) send emailers and promos but having an agent or professional send a personalized direct email is the best way to get honest feedback of your work. This line of communication can then open the door for meetings and potential job opportunities! We offer direct outreach to a list of 150-200 prospective clients. This includes an initial email, a follow up phone call and one final email. At the end you will receive a list of all the feedback received and all interested prospects will be sent directly to you. 

5-7 hours at $90/hr

Meet with Clients

Feeling nostalgic? In a world full of mass communication, the most valuable way to connect with clients is meeting with them face-to-face. Whether it’s in your own backyard or you’re going somewhere for the first time, Creative Picnic can get you and your work in front if the right clients. We estimate three meetings per campaign, depending on the competitive nature of the marketplace and clients availability. After the effort, we will deliver the complete list of contacts to you and their feedback so you can implement them into your personal marketing efforts!

A starting fee of $250 plus $75 per meeting


To the photographer or artist looking to revamp and revitalize their business, we offer a soup-to-nuts analysis of your branding as well as marketing strategies on how to take your business to the next level. Included in this service is also a 6 month marketing plan and two conferences calls—one to discuss your professional goals and the other to walk you through the document. You can then use the direction to revamp your brand yourself or call on our resources to overhaul your business.

Flat Fee: $750


The most important part of marketing is consistency.  However with shooting, traveling and editing consuming your life, it's almost impossible to find the time to create a strategic marketing plan and stick to it. Creative Picnic can provide routine marketing support that fits you schedule and budget so you can reach your professional goals. We offer two customizable monthly marketing packages: 


Tier One: We start by evaluating and curating your website and marketing materials so your presentation is best suited for the clients you want to work with. We will then implement a strategic 6-month marketing plan, which includes a custom list build, monthly direct outreach to prospective clients and local portfolio meetings. We will also send two emailers and two print promos on your behalf. Each month we will record client feedback and have a consulting call to review our progress.  There will also be a complementary website critique at the beginning of this services.

$480 per month (printing, postage and design not included)  


Tier Two: Are you looking for a plan that covers all the bases? Select any or all of the services below and we will create a custom marketing plan that meets your needs. 

  • Monthly emails and calls to prospective clients 

  • Scheduling national and local portfolio meetings

  • Sending quarterly emailers

  • Sending biannual print promos 

  • Up to two custom list builds a year

  • One website critique

  • Promoting your work to online publications

  • Portfolio and project reviews 

  • Social media implementation

  • Coordinating with freelance designers and photo editors 

  • SEO analysis 

  • Writing/posting blog posts 

  • Tracking and interpreting Google Analytics

  • Image selection for promos and emailers

  • Pricing and negotiating consulting

  •  Join The Picnic and receive a 10% on this service

$600 per month (printing, postage and design not included)  


Refresh your Branding 

Looking to start a commercial photography business or give a new face to an existing brand? We can help! The Branding Refresh is the all-inclusive package that provides you with all the marketing tools you need to stay competitive in your market. From a new website and logo to print promos and emailers, we'll coordinate with designers, photo editors and the like to make your vision a reality. 

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Get Social

A photographer’s social media game shows clients you're actively shooting, engages your audience and gives you a step-up on SEO. But between traveling, shooting and editing it’s hard to find the time to maintain a solid social media presence. Creative Picnic can help you build followers, manage content and engage clients on any social media platform.

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Publicity Pitch

Get your story told! Whether it's a fully executed project or a concept you're looking to bring to life, Creative Picnic can help you construct a proposal and get it to the right publications. 

4-7 hours at $90/hr 

For Clients

Creative Direction/Production

Are you an art buyer or director looking to make advertising content for your brand? Well that's perfect because we're a one-stop shop to conceptualizing and producing creative content. Using our talented roster of photographers, Creative Picnic can create a vision for your brand and manage a team to make that a vision a reality. We listen to what you want, stick to your budget and deliver the content you need. Just check out the test shoot we did for Seagram's 7 Whiskey!

You might say we make your life a Picnic....

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Interested in joining our roster?

Creative Picnic partners with a select roster of commercial photographers on monthly consulting and promotions. Receive a 10% discount on our "Tier Two" marketing service, which includes custom list building, portfolio meetings, promos, emailers, social media implementation and so much more. 

In addition, your portfolio will be displayed on our website. You will have access to exclusive NYC portfolio events and your work will be showcased in quarterly newsletters to clients. We can work side-by-side or in place of an agent offering customized marketing and publicity support for a flat monthly fee.