Production & Creative Direction

Are you an artist in need of a producer you can trust? Are you an art buyer or creative director looking to produce content for your brand?  Creative Picnic has full-service production capabilities. From national ad campaigns to social media content, we have experience making your brand’s vision a reality. We listen to what you want, stick to your budget and deliver the content you need. 



Over the last two years, we’ve produce three different lifestyle campaigns for Navy Federal Credit Union along side our photographer Ryan Smith. NFCU’s goal is to build an massive image library of own-able, natural feeling imagery with a veteran and military focus so together with Ryan, we’ve made it our mission to make it happen.

We’ve traveled to San Diego, Virginia and Atlanta; shot in over a dozen locations including a movie theater, airport, park and bowling alley. We sourced talent from a local agencies, as well as used local crews and resources to save budget. We look forward to our next shoot with NFCU and wonder where they will take us next!



This summer things heated up when we produced a lifestyle campaign for the colorful Pepsi-owned beverage company, IZZE Sparkling Juice, with our kids photographer Caitie McCabe. This two day shoot was shot on location and the images were created for the new website they were launching as well as digital promotions such as their newsletters. The turn-around time for this project was two weeks so we had to work fast. We street-casted ten teens and sourced two locations, a home in NJ with a roaming lawn that we used as a park (this worked perfectly because we didn’t have time to get permits for any local parks) as well as an Airbnb for the living room scene and “pour” stop-motion.

Creative Picnic also manages and produces content for the @IZZEofficial Instagram page so check us out and throw us a follow if you’re thirsty! This content is all thanks to our very own Shirley Yu.



The Creative Picnic team took it to the school yard when they had the opportunity to produce a “Back to School” shoot for the popular sock company Bombas with our kids and lifestyle photographer Caitie McCabe. We sourced a charming public school just outside the city and street-casted children ages 4-12, who knocked it out of the park…err I mean playground. The deliverables were used to launch a campaign on social media and the company actually came back to license more images from the shoot!


Walt Disney studios

This Spring, Creative Picnic flew to the most magical place on earth for ten days to produce a lifestyle shoot for Disney World. Our goal was to build a new content library for Disney World’s Hollywood Studios that captured the magical experience of this theme park and work along side a full sized video crew. The first few days saw us working with the in-house Creative Director and the in-house photographer to develop the shot list, scout locations and create the plans for the next six day to follow.  Our shoot consisted of 15+ indoor and outdoor locations including restaurants, shows, experiences and rides and 30+ talent. And while we can’t show the images until we spot them in “the real world”, the results were truly captivating and will keep the kid in us alive.