Caroline Petters

 Lifestyle & People photographer


Caroline, originally from Atlanta now calls Brooklyn home. She fell in love with the medium while traveling around SE Asia with her camera as her companion. Her curiosity and desire to capture an image gave her access to peoples lives: she was welcomed into homes, handed babies to hold, and invited to celebratory dinners. It became evident that her passion lied in connecting with others and she realized that photography was her medium. Caroline then attended graduate school at The Portfolio Center in Atlanta, GA. and moved to NYC in 2014. Caroline enjoys working closely with clients to create genuine imagery that evokes emotion. Curious at heart, Caroline is always looking for her next adventure be it, photographing refugees, surfing in Costa Rica, starting a quilting business, or planning her next snowboarding trip. 


Client List: Anheuser Busch, Art News, Art Papers, Brooklyn Magazine, Coke, Color + Information, DDB Wordwide, Fresh to Order, FedEx, Georgia Tech, Girl Scouts of America, Line A Journal, Logitech, L'Oreal, Manhatten Magazine, Michelob Ultra, Miller Lite, Momentum, Refinery 29, Smbolic, Stern Magazine, The Artist's Institute NYC, The Discontent, Vayner Media, Weber Shandwick

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