Welcome to the Picnic

We've Got the Feeling.

In honor of our first blog post, I'd like to start by writing about a feeling you're probably very familiar with. The feeling of owning your own business. It's a feeling that until today, I had a very limited understanding of despite working with freelancers for the past few years.

Of course, I figured it was hard. And yes, I was sure you took a lot of pride in your business but the actual feeling was something completely lost on me until now.  

Why Creative Picnic?

Waking up this morning, I was propelled out of bed. Not by the fear of being late for work or the worry I'd miss the train but by the excitement to get started on this new journey. The idea that today I'd be working towards my own creation. Something bigger than myself, while at the same time a reflection of me. It's safe to say I have a better understanding of my clients now because each freelance photographer wakes up everyday with that same intensity.

You'd do anything to make your business better...heck, that's why you're here!

I built Creative Picnic because I wanted each hour I spend on a photographer to be as valuable as possible. As you know, when you own your business you believe in it more than anything else. But in order to become successful, you need to realize you can't do it alone. Creative Picnic acts like an extension of yourself. Promoting you the way you'd promote you...genuinely and with pride. At Creative Picnic, we go the extra mile for you brand. Giving you the personalized attention and dedication of an agent without the commitment. 

I'm excited to put my whole heart into your business just as I have my own. So reach out and let's get started!

Alexandra Ostebo