So you want the elevator pitch, do you?

Creative Picnic is a new kind of agency. We don't take from your bottomline, we don't have a 1-800 number or send you to voicemail, and we sure as hell don't feel like a gym membership. We are the muscle and the brain behind the business-side of your brand. We connect the artist with the brands, agencies and publications looking for fresh content. We offer quality marketing and publicity services for select commercial photographers and directors so they can focus on their craft.

Connect with us and learn what it takes to join the Picnic. 

ALEX OSTEBO  Founder / Executive Director

Founder / Executive Director

Behind the Picnic

The company's founder and Alaskan Native, Alex Ostebo, has worked with hundreds of commercial artists to establish, revive and grow their businesses over the last six years. An officer in the Army Reserves and an entrepreneur in her own right, she has a unique perspective to marketing as well as experience with creative direction, production and estimating. Alex brings to Creative Picnic a personal network of brands, agencies and publications across the country. Her proximity to New York City is a huge asset to her global network of artists. Creative Picnic is a women owned and operated entity. Alex is passionate about promoting women photographers and directors as they are drastically under represented in the industry.

JACQUELINE MCDONALD  Partner / Head of Brand Development

Partner / Head of Brand Development

Behind the Picnic

Hailing from the Land Down Under, Jacqueline comes to Creative Picnic with a background in talent management and community development from her previous roles as Community Director at STORY and Digital Communications at The Girls Lounge. We are definitely keeping her busy between managing artist accounts and producing creative content for our commercial brand partners; Jacqui is our in-house firecracker. 


When Jacqui is not in the office, you can probably find her on a roof top with a cheese board living her best life.