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At Creative Picnic, we make meaningful connections for our Artists.

We believe in shaking hands and getting coffee. We love the feeling of printed pages between our fingertips and watching a client's reaction to your work. We know a smartly executed print promo won't get sent to spam or lost in a junk folder. We believe in things that take more time but get better results. Because at the end of the day, it's about connecting creative people together to make something extraordinary. And yes, we could make a picnic pun here but we won't because you get it...



Our Services

This is where the brand meets the artist.



Whether you want to refresh your business or build one from scratch, we offer a wholistic analysis of your business and have designers, photo editors and more to take your business to the next level. 




Let us take care of your marketing needs so you can focus on perfecting your craft. We provide premier marketing for your brand so you can reach your professional goals without having to sacrifice doing what you love.



We connect you face-to-face with brands and ad agencies all around the country on private portfolio meetings so you can establish personal relationships with potential clients.



Do you have a fully executed project or a concept you're looking to bring to life? Creative Picnic can construct a proposal for your story and get it to the right print or online publications.




Our Roster

Our Artists are dedicated to their craft so we are dedicated to them.

Our roster is made up of talented photographers and directors across the country who are passionate about their career and dedicated to creating premier content for brands, agencies and publications. They've partnered with Creative Picnic to grow their client base, execute their marketing plans and connect them with new business opportunities. Whether you're looking learn more about an artist we represent or interested in joining our roster, we're ready to hear from you.